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April 2017

10 tips for choosing your sunglasses

Added 25 April, 2017

If buying sunglasses should remain a pleasure, some advice is needed. Glasses, protection, frames, color ... With Lensoffers, discover in 10 tips the sunglasses you need!

1 - Do dark glasses necessarily protect the sun?

Even if you often prefer fashion, some precautions are to be taken before giving in to the impulsive purchase. Be careful, to be sure of the quality of his sunglasses, choosing a very dark shade is not enough. The quality of filtration of harmful rays is the first element to be checked. Thus, some transparent corrective glasses may prove sufficiently protective.

2 - Which glasses to choose?

The best thing is to choose a glass that is able to oppose the passage of UV, to respect the colors as faithfully as possible and to have a good optical quality. When choosing these sunglasses, it is necessary to check that they carry the CE marking and the protection category from 0 to 4. There are several types of filtering glasses: minerals (scarce but shock-sensitive) And organic (lightweight and shock-resistant). Some can be benefit from treatment: anti-reflective, photochromic (dark with light), colored, mirrored.

3 - How to choose the right protection?

The category of protection varies from 0 to 4. For the usual situations of sunshine, category 3 is sufficient. But for the mountain, do not hesitate to adopt category 4, whose glasses often equip glasses "glacier", but they should not be used to drive.

4 - What special precautions for children?

Eye protection must be perfect, especially for children. The eyes of children, especially very young, are more permeable to light than those of adults. Before its first birthday, the retina receives 90% of the UVA and more than 50% of the UVB. Before 12 years, 60% of UVA and 25% of UVB. After 25 years, these amounts of UV decreases and are stopped by the lens.

Watch out for gadgets! A tinted glass, even very dark, if it prevents dazzling, does not necessarily filter the most harmful rays. Many models specially adapted to the eyes and the morphology of the children are also offered at very affordable prices.

5 - What do you think about colored glasses?

With the fashion of colored glasses, it is important to take some precautions, either for the quality of filtration or for the intended use of this equipment. Check the CE marking and the protection categories. Attention, the pink or blue glasses, among others, modify the perception of the colors which can be annoying for the driving of a vehicle.

6 - Should we buy his sunglasses at the same time as those sunglasses?

You have vision problems and do not have sunglasses? What better opportunity than to buy them at the same time as your eyeglasses! You will be able to ask for glasses adapted to your lack of vision. An essential caution when driving in sunny weather!

7 - Do contact lenses protect against UV rays?

Contact lenses that are very practical for sportsmen often have a UV filter that provides good protection. But during intense exhibitions, it is advisable to use the sunglasses to protect the contours of the eye and the eyelids.

8 - Where to buy your sunglasses?

Even though the majority of sunglasses now meet European requirements since 1995, the information attached to the pair of glasses is not always sufficient to guarantee the quality of filtration of the glasses. To ensure that the glasses that are chosen are perfectly protective, the National Association for the Improvement of Sight advises to contact the optician, only professional qualified in this field.

9 - Which shape for which face?

Like any fashion accessory, the choice of sunglasses allows to display a certain personality. Nevertheless, depending on the shape of your face, some tips will help you avoid some disappointments. For round faces, one can choose between accentuation with round shapes or correction with geometric shapes, angular and stretched. For square faces, accentuation can be based on geometric shapes or on the contrary be softened by oval shapes. For rectangular shapes, oval shapes allow to enlarge the face. For oval faces, everything is possible!

10 - Which mount to choose?

Some opticians will not hesitate to advise you according to the color of your eyes or that of your hair. Despite these generalities, the purchase of sunglasses remains a personal choice. For blue eyes, prefer a blue or silver frame. For green eyes, a gray frame is advised. For the brown eyes, do not hesitate to try the beige and its gradients. For black eyes, beige, pink or black will give a very aesthetic result.

For harmony with the hair, do not hesitate to melt the mount to the color of your hair: cold tones for gray hair, warm tones for brown hair, red gradations for red hair.

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