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Monthly lenses are the most common type of reusable lenses, these lenses you use, as the name suggests, for 30 days. Monthly lenses require cleaning when you take your contact lenses out at night, it is important to clean them thoroughly in order to maintain its duration. If you are careless with cleaning, there will become coatings on the surface of your contact lenses, this happens because tear fluid containing proteins, fats and minerals constantly come into contact with your lenses.

If you are getting coatings on your lenses, this will increase the risk of irritation and at worst even infections and inflammation in your eyes, which can cause you to be unable to use your lenses for a while and also can damage your eyes over time.
However if you only manage the cleaning of your lenses, then monthly lenses are very comfortable and easy to use and a fter a month of using the lenses shall be replaced. This is true whether you use the contact lenses every day or not.
The benefits of monthly contact lenses are primarily price and supply, monthly lenses are cheap in comparison with other lenses and are available in many brands, colors, and for most vision problems.

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